Layered Dip

photo 2Jimi wasn’t in the mood for cooking a big meal last night.  He asked what I was in the mood for, and I said something I can dip a chip in.  Well, he came up with this alternative to a Mexican 7-layer dip.  Keep in mind, Jimi can’t have spicy food anymore or tomatoes (food allergies).  In my opinion, this is even better!

Layers (from the bottom):

  • Seasoned tofu:  I’ve talked about how we cook tofu before, so I’ll keep it simple here.  Freeze and thaw the tofu.  Drain it well (really press out as much water as possible).  Cut into cubes.  Season with Bragg’s liquid amino acids, turmeric, and garlic to taste.  Shake in a bag with cornmeal until well coated, and then sauté in olive oil.
  • Steamed veggies:  We chose carrots, cabbage, purple onion, and cauliflower.
  • Brown rice: Cook your rice ahead of time.
  • Avocado
  • Refried beans:  Make sure that are the kind without lard.  Yuck!
  • Daiya cheese
  • Beanito chips and Tostitos scoops (those are just the ones we had on hand)

This was delicious!  Try it out :)

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