Life Happens

I can’t believe that another month is about to slip past me.  Didn’t I just make those goals for February just a few days ago?  I can’t report anymore weight loss this month, but I’m definitely stronger.  I can see definition in my arms, and I love it! It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t make any noticeable changes after a few weeks.  That’s when you need to analyze what you’re doing.  I should be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions, but sadly I can’t.  That’s okay! I’ve just got to recognize where things went wrong and adjust.  I might lose a play, but I will not lose the whole game.

Check this list to see if you may be struggling in some of these areas:

  • Are you drinking enough water?  Water is essential for cleansing the body.
  • Are you limiting snacks after dinner? (I nod my head in shame.)
  • Are you maintaining portion control? Guilty.
  • Are you sticking to your exercise plan?  I could add a few buts here (but I hurt my knee, but I was busy).  The fact is I had time – but I didn’t put a priority on being healthy.

Hopefully, all of you had a better February than me.  Stay tuned for my goals for March – maybe you can use them too.


Life Happens — 2 Comments

    • Thank you! You can DO it! Don’t ever give up. I never thought I would be as small as I am…never. I’ve always been overweight. Definitely pick up a copy of Skinny Bitch. It makes so much sense. Everything just clicked when I read it. Good luck! And let me know when you lose those 50 pounds :)

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