Straight talk – what happens when you lose a LOT of weight?

Blah, blah…lost 130 pounds…blah, blah.  Now most of you are probably thinking that’s great and wonderful, but there are a few things you should know.

  • Padding in the rear:  Every time we go to the movies, Jimi is constantly shifting in his seat.  Certain cars are also uncomfortable.  I had no idea what the deal was until I lost the weight.  I now have ZERO butt – no junk in this trunk.  Yeah, yeah…I need some lunges and squats.  In the meantime, I can’t get through the previews when we go to the theater without shifting in my seat.  I’m so sorry I never felt bad for all you skinny people!
  • Saggy skin:  I was really worried about this part – especially since I lost 80 of those pounds in a year.  Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as I thought.  Believe me, those first 2 months were disappointing – even though I was losing a ton of weight, my skin looked horrible to me.  I was thinking I’d never wear a swimsuit in public ever again.  However, since I’m only eating healthy food, my skin is benefiting.  It’s actually tightening up over time – it’s really amazing.  Also, I read that it actually could take up to two years for your skin to get back to normal.  Considering I took 36 years to get it stretched out, I think that’s pretty good.
  • Sensitivity to cold:  Oh my goodness! I don’t know how skinny people stand it.  I have new respect for you guys.  It drops in the 60’s, and I’m decked out in a heavy hoodie and still shivering!
  • Shaving:  I had not cut myself shaving in over 20 years until I lost all that weight.  Now, I have bones to navigate around – damn skinny knees!  I occasionally have slightly stubbly knees – now you know.  Deal with it lol.
  • Momma needs a new pair of shoes:  So apparently my arches had fallen due to all the weight which made my feet longer.  After losing all the weight, I’m a full size smaller in heels! Anybody need some size 10 heels?
  • Cleavage: What cleavage?  Seriously, I wore a size G (yes, G) bra before.  Now, I can tearfully say they are a C and still shrinking.  I was upset about losing those cantaloupes at first, but I’ve come to terms with it.  I was thrilled to actually be able to buy bras at Victoria’s Secret, but guess what the smallest size is…that’s right 32 whatever.  And I’m now a 32!  I might actually get too small to wear a bra from there – now that sucks!  The good thing about having small boobies now is that I no longer drop food in my cleavage!  Seriously, with the G’s, that was definitely an issue :)

After initially posting this, I remembered a few things that I’d inadvertently left off this list:

  • Periods:  Some of the guys reading this should probably just skip right on to the next bullet.  Seriously, I never knew what a regular cycle was because I didn’t have one.  My menstruation cycle would range from 25 days to 44 days.  After I became vegan (I hadn’t even lost 20 pounds), I started having regular periods – 28 days every single time.  The cool thing is I can actually plan stuff around it….and know when the mood swings are going to strike lol.
  • Problem skin:  For some reason, I had some extremely dry skin on my forehead.  Even during the summer months, I really had to over moisturize just to keep it from flaking.  The rest of my face was fine.  I went to a dermatologist who prescribed some lotion.  It helped, but never truly went away.  After a few months of being vegan, Jimi pointed out that my forehead was super smooth.  After I thought about it, I had not been applying lotion anymore to that area – it totally cleared up on its on. 

I love knowing that I’m putting good stuff in my body and my body is responding by being good to me :)


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