Supermom versus Pinterest – Round 1

ca54e974709f65437565f3f95c2c98eaWhen the buzz about Pinterest began, I stayed away.  I didn’t think I wanted or needed another social media outlet.  I kept hearing great things about it, but I still stayed away.  Then, it happened.  That night when the kids were in bed, before I met Jimi, while I was still a night owl, and Facebook was dead that night…I logged onto Pinterest.  Great ideas just filled the screen, and I was hooked.  I LOVE Pinterest.  I love the ideas, the creativity.

And for Valentine’s Day, Supermom decided to make a cool dinner for the kids – veggie dogs and spaghetti noodles and cheese.  Definitely not the healthiest selection, but I thought those noodles coming out of the veggie dog would be the coolest thing ever, and I would forever go down in history as the absolute coolest mom on the planet.

I got my veggie dogs and my pasta (gluten-free).  I cut the veggie dogs into bite-size chunks and proceeded to push multiple uncooked spaghetti noodles through each one.  I started with 6 per bite – this time-consuming task quickly caused me to drop that ratio to 2:1 (2 noodles per bite).  The noodles broke so easily! I did use angel hair pasta instead of the thicker variety – that could have caused it.

What Pinterest didn’t tell me was that you need a HECK of a lot of PATIENCE for this task.  Two veggie dogs in, and I threw noodles and bites in the pot of boiling water.  I did finish those two dogs though!

When it was all done cooking, I couldn’t really tell which ones had noodles through them and which ones didn’t.  My work was for nothing.  I learned my lesson.

I also learned that the pasta won’t cook all the way when it’s shoved through a veggie dog.  A veggie dog with a crunchy uncooked noodle through the middle is not tasty! At least they had their V-Day candy from school :)

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